Training should be fun and rewarding, therefore at Fit2Box

we offer rewards for milestones in your training,

as a thank you for your hard work and loyalty.

1 session is equivelent to 1 full hour session

Excludes Fit2Box Juniors, 1-2-1 and personal training sessions.

15 Sessions

30 Sessions

50 Sessions

Fit2Box T-Shirt

Fit2Box Waterbottle

& Towel

Fit2Box Hoodie

75 Sessions

100 Sessions

Fit2Box 75 'Contender' T-Shirt

Fit2Box 100 'Champion' T-Shirt



Tshirt Waterbottle Towel Hoodie 75 Tshirt IMG_7270

150 Sessions

Fit2Box Sports Bag

200 Sessions

Fit2Box Zip-up Hoodie

Fit2Box Sports Bag IMG_0822